Iron Gym – Speed Abs Abdominal Wheel

Iron Gym – Speed Abs Abdominal Wheel


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A six-pack is getting awfully close now

✅ Specially designed for abdominal exercises
✅ Effectively and easily train your abdominal muscles
✅ Ergonomic design, supports your hands
✅ Minimizes fatigue in your hands

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Thanks to the Iron Gym Speed Abs Abdominal Wheel, that six-pack you’ve been dreaming of for years can finally become a reality!

This exercise wheel is specially designed to perform abdominal exercises in a comfortable and effective way. Fatigue in your hands is minimized and a natural position is ensured by the handles with ergonomic design that also provide your hands with proper support.

The abdominal muscle wheel offers resistance when rolling out and just less resistance when rolling back, because the internal design of the Speed Abs is made specifically for that purpose. This allows you to perform longer sets with a full range of motion.

In a simple way, with this abdominal exercise wheel you work on strong abs, core stability and, of course, that six-pack! Also, the training wheel is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take it anywhere. So now you can stay in shape anywhere with the Iron Gym Speed!

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