Maxi Climber – Vertical Stepper – Cardio & Strength Training

Maxi Climber – Vertical Stepper – Cardio & Strength Training


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Simple and effective training

✅ For cardio and strength training
✅ Body sculpting workout
✅ Push yourself to the next level

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This unique full-body workout will tackle your muscles as well as your fitness. So climb yourself fit!

Combine cardio and strength training in one workout!

The Maxi Climber is the ideal sports device to give you an entertaining, varied and, above all, intense workout. It works as follows. Claim one square meter in your home, unfold the device, step on the pedals and then start the workout. The movements you make on the Maxi Climber can be compared to climbing an extremely steep mountain. You use only your body weight as resistance and emphasize all major muscle groups without overloading them. Resulting in sexy legs, toned buttocks, hard abs and tight triceps and biceps! But that’s not all. The vertical step machine combines strength training with cardio, allowing you to burn as many as five hundred calories per hour while climbing.

Simple and effective

Many workouts are heavy and difficult, while exercising on the Maxi Climber is simple and effective. No matter whether you work out occasionally or are an intense athlete, this workout really does get everyone climbing fit! When you finish working out, slide the vertical stepper under the bed or in the closet. Retrieve the Maxi Climber at your convenience. The built-in step and calorie counter, which stops and starts when you do, makes it easy to track your progress. This also gives a huge incentive to keep going. This will get your body ready for summer in no time!

Maxi Climber Workout app

Make your training fun and effective and get the desired results quickly. By working out regularly with the special meal plan and combining the workouts from the Workout App for a healthy, responsible lifestyle, you will quickly get a slimmer and sexier body!


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