Squat-n-Go Toilet Stool – Good for the toelgang – Black

Squat-n-Go Toilet Stool – Good for the toelgang – Black


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The benefits of a toilet stool

✅ Healthy and natural toilet posture
✅ Reduces constipation, squeezing and the risk of hemorrhoids
✅ Includes non-slip legs and foot surface for a firm grip, stability and comfort
✅ Suitable for any toilet because of its universal design
✅ Compact designed, easy to carry or store

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Research shows that we have been going to the toilet incorrectly for years! In fact, during the big message, you as a human being should sit down squatting. This is because we used to defecate on the ground in a hole, for example, this is why humans were not actually made to sit on a toilet at all! A squatting position is a lot more natural and will improve your bowel movements! The Squat-N-Go toilet stool can help you do just that!

This folding toilet stool ensures that you always have the correct sitting position while toileting. This squatting position reduces the need to squeeze and relieves constipation. Also, using a toilet stool reduces the risk of hemorrhoids.

The toilet stool includes a non-slip coating on the legs and foot surface for extra comfort!
Try it for yourself and experience the many benefits of a Squat-N-Go toilet stool!

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