Tips & Trick for a Healthier Lifestyle

Tips & Trick for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Original price was: €4.95.Current price is: €2.95.

The pluses of this e-book

✅ Contains tips to manage and reduce your stress
✅ This e-book explains how to improve your sleep rhythm
✅ Explains the benefits of light therapy
✅ Explains exercises to help improve your posture
✅ Tips to prevent muscle soreness


The e-book “Tips & Trick for a Healthier Lifestyle” is a 17-page digital book that provides explanations and tips & tricks on various topics on stress, sleep, light therapy, muscle pain and improving your stature. You will receive this e-book for free with our light therapy lamp which allows you to work on other topics in addition to the effect of this product to get even more of an energy boost!

The book contains the following chapters

✅ Managing your stress in 10 steps
✅ Improve your sleep rhythm with these tips
✅ Reduce your physical symptoms with light therapy
✅ 5 exercises to improve your stature
✅ Muscle pain, prevent or cure?

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