Total Crunch – Fitness Device

Total Crunch – Fitness Device


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The benefits of the Total Crunch

✅ Complete cardio fitness machine
✅ Lose weight and start building your muscles
✅ Finally get the body you dream of

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Want to lose weight fast, build muscle and show off your body? Then use the Total Crunch a complete cardio fitness machine for men and women now!

In just one move, you give your body a full workout! Your belly will become flatter and your legs, buttocks and even your pecs will become firmer! Also, the Total Crunch also strengthens your biceps and back.

By exercising with Total Crunch, you will make your whole body burn calories and fat. In addition, you work on muscle building at the same time! The resistance is simple to increase by positioning your feet differently, thus eliminating the need to drag heavy, metal weights. Safe and convenient!

You can easily train specific muscle groups by changing your hand position. Underhand positions will work your biceps and back muscles. Overhand positions work your chest and shoulders and side positions will work your back.

Total Crunch is an all-in-one cardio fitness machine that instantly trains all your muscle groups for the best complete results. The more muscle you move, the more energy you consume and thus the more calories you burn.

Ideally, the Total Crunch folds flat with one hand and can be stored wherever you want.

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