Vibro Body Booster – Vibrating Plate with 30 Stages

Vibro Body Booster – Vibrating Plate with 30 Stages


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Don’t have time to go to the gym? The Vibro Body Booster vibration plate is the solution!

Vibrate yourself into shape

✅ Full body workout without stressing joints and tendons
✅ Strengthen your muscles, burn fat and improve your balance
✅ Reflex muscle tightening due to the vibrations
✅ 30 different intensity settings
✅ Suitable for beginners and advanced athletes
✅ Includes remote control, training chair, manual and 2 elastic bands

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In just 10 minutes a day, you will already see noticeable results when using the Vibro Body Booster! This vibration plate sends a vibration through your body 500 times per minute. Your body registers these vibrations in the same way it does when you take a walk, or are jogging or running which makes you lose weight in no time.

Also, the vibrations cause your muscles to be trained. This makes them more flexible, less likely to tire and less likely to hurt. This daily workout additionally improves blood circulation and helps you burn fat effectively! The production of collagen is also stimulated, this will make the skin more elastic and it helps to reduce cellulite.

This vibration plate is suitable for anyone of any age and fitness level. The fitness machine has as many as 30 intensity settings.

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