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Calculate your BMI for free

Are you curious about your BMI, or body mass index? Use our free calculator to calculate this easily! Based on your BMI, you can easily find out if you are struggling with being overweight or underweight. Would you like to lose or gain weight? Then also check out our calorie requirement calculator, or our other useful free tools.

Would you like to accurately measure the fat content of your body? Then our electronic BMI fat meter might be for you!

Calculate your Body Mass Index for free

Weight (in KG)
Length (in CM)

Writing Body Mass Index

Underweight: below 18.5
Normal weight: 18.5 to 25
Light overweight: 25 to 30
Obesity class I: 30 to 35
Obesity class II: 35 to 40
Obesity class III: 40 or higher

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